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Computer Repair For Home & Business

Affordable Computer Hardware & Software Support
Wired and Wireless Internet Troubleshooting

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PC Hardware

& Software Repair

We offer top-notch PC repair services, hardware  and software repair.  We can repair  hardware faults or replace hardware that is no longer functioning.  We are also able to help with Software issues from Windows to Virus Detection.


Network Repair

Wired and Wireless

Network issues and connectivity problems? We Can Help. Connections between PC's and Devices can sometimes develop issues. This is especially true when a number of devices are connected to different software.


Internet Issues

Routers & Wireless

Routers can sometimes malfunction and wireless connectivity is jeopardized. We analyze your complete system. We can troubleshoot router settings, wireless networks and security in order to stabilize your system.


Data Recovery

Hardware & Software

In the business environment as well as personal systems, data can be lost through Hardware Malfunction or Software Interaction. Our analysis of your system will determine where the data is and how we can recover it.


Custom PC Build

PC's Built to Specs

Whether for Gaming, Industrial or Software systems requiring optimized or specialized hardware, We can build a system to meet your requirements. Whether increasing storage or optimizing performance we can recommend and install your hardware.

The Services We Provide


My name is Jacob Garcia, owner of SA Computer Savior. Here at Computer Savior we are on a mission to save technology one device at a time. We do everything from PC Repair, network repair, internet problems, data recovery, custom pc build and more.

I have been building, repairing, customizing and upgrading PC's for over 13 years. I am a CompTIA A+ certified computer technician. I offer the most reasonable, quickest, and best quality service in San Antonio. Unlike the "Big Companies", all of my services are one FLAT RATE of $75 with remote desktop support being $35 and data recovery being $100. I provide quick and reliable service often with next day return.

Service Breakdown

  • We charge a fee of $80 for each service call.

  • A $10 Preferred Customer Discount (You will become a preferred customer after your 1st service).

  • We can also assist you remotely from our location. A $35 Remote Assistance fee will be charged.

  • We are able to help you recover lost data. A $100 Data Recovery fee will be charged.

  • A $160 first time business service calls fee will be charged. Normal fees every service afterwards

  • Military and Student Discounts available.

Featured Services

  • Remote desktop support ($40)

  • Data recovery ($100)

  • Blue screen errors

  • Browser 404 errors

  • No Internet

  • Computer back-up

  • Computer check-up, diagnostics, and repair

  • Computer set-up

  • Computer speed-up

  • Computer system cleaning & maintenance

  • Email help

  • Error messages

  • Hard drive upgrades

  • Infection removal

  • Installation of Anti-Malware software

  • Repair Slow computer

  • Microsoft Office Repair

  • Printer troubleshooting

  • Software installation

  • Malware removal

  • System upgrades

  • Virus, worm and trojan removal

  • XP Repair

  • Vista Repair

  • Windows 7 Repair

  • Wireless router issues

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