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Laws & Legislature affecting the Homeschooling Community


The following documents are provided to allow students and their parents a better understanding of their rights under state law regarding homeschooling programs in Texas.

Document Name
Overview of Contents

On June 9th of each year, Texas families who homeschool their children celebrate “Leeper Day,” a day set aside to commemorate the 1994 Texas Supreme Court decision on the landmark court case (Leeper v. Arlington ISD).  This decision legalized homeschooling in the Lone Star state. On June 9, 2015, Governor Greg Abbott recognized this historical date by signing the Leeper Day Proclamation.

Leeper Day Proclamation

House Bill 944

This bill, approved by the Texas Legislature and signed into law by former Governor Rick Perry, requires colleges and universities to admit graduates of a homeschool program according to the same standards that are applied to graduates from a public high school program.

Issue Analysis

This document pertains to the Congressional revision and clarification of federal laws affecting home schoolers. The U.S. Department of Education has changed its policy as well. According to educational laws, home schoolers are to be admitted to colleges/universities and granted any applicable financial aid without testing beyond what is required of traditional high school students. It is discriminatory to ignore a home school graduate’s diploma and require them to take a GED, SAT II, or ability-to-benefit test, while graduates from traditional high schools are not required to do so.

Home Schooling in the US

A legal analysis of Home Schooling in the United States prepared by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).  This document provides a brief overview of the home schooling requirements in the state of Texas.

Texas McIntyre 6-29-2016

Texas Supreme Court Maintains Homeschool Freedom, a message from Jim Mason, the Vice President of Litigation for HSLDA.

Texas Education Code

This document is an overview of the Texas Education Code - Section 51.9241. Admission Of Student With Nontraditional Secondary Education.

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